Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Ultimate Glitter Swatches. Lit Cosmetics

I have something to confess...
I'm a Glitterholic

Hello there!!! It's been a long time since I wanted to write this post.
You know I have a rainbow gitter heart and I use glitter pretty much in every makeup I do, so since I get questions about the glitter I use, the colors and that, today I want to show you my Lit Cosmetics glitter collection and swatches.

 Lit cosmetics is by far the best glitter company out there, they are very kind to their customers (Jodie the owner is the biggest sweetheart) <3
 They have glitters in 4 sizes and in different textures. They have pretty much any color you can dream. 
The packaging is very very elegant and the amount of glitter is generous.
(I still have like 80% of the product of my first Lit glitters, and i've been using them almost since 2 years ago. See here http://roxannerocknroll.blogspot.com.es/2013/02/lit-cosmetics-review.html) 
You can find them on www.Litcosmetics.com and in Sephora (USA and Canada)

So yes enough talk, and to the swatches! I don't have too much to explain, you can see it yourself  <3

I Feel Love. Size 3

Goober Grape. Size 3
Carrot Head. Size 3

Vanilla Ice. Size 3

Fire Cracker. Size 3

Madonna. Size 3

Peacock. Size 3

Punk. Size 3

Green Machine s3

Lemon Tart size3

Pretty hot pink size 3

Solar Blast size 3

Afternoon Delight size 2
Hello Sunshine size 2

 CowGirl size 3
Hawaii 5/0
With yellow light

California Soul size 3

Soul Sister size 3 

Lover Boy size 3
Swatches, california soul, soul sister and lover boy

Disco diva size 2
Plush size 2
Deja Vu size 2
Back in Black size 3
another angle

And here you can see the same color in 2 different sizes. My favorite is size 3 <3
Liberache size 2

Liberache size 3

Liberache size 4

Beautiful *,,,*

 And last but not least

Barbie Shops size 4

 *,,* So much beauty in the world hehehe
and here are some looks i've done using these gorgeousssss glitters

Using Liberache size 4

Lover Boy and Barbie Shops
I used a lot of glitter here :P  #HelloSunshine for the white part,#Greenmachine#lemonTart#BackinBlack for the black areas, #californiasoul and#PrettyHotpink

Barbie shops, carrot head and afternoon delight 

Lemon Tart and Green Machine
Lemon Tart and green machine

Soul sister and lover boy

I have like a million pictures of glitter looks :D you can see them on my Instagram or my facebook

So yes hope you liked the review <3 <3
You can find Lit Cosmetics here:


If you want to see my previous review click here: http://roxannerocknroll.blogspot.com.es/2013/02/lit-cosmetics-review.html

Bye for now <3

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cats Fiber Velvet Mascara

Hi it's me again! I wanted to show you my new ultra cuteeeeee 
Fiber mascara ($5.65 and free shipping, plus 10% discount: RSSG10)

I got them from BornPretty Store, and it's so cute i can't hehehe

The brush is soft and the pigmentation is very dark, i like this mascara a lot <3 <3

Here you can see my poor eye with minimum tiny eyelashes

And after one coat! Voìla!

I'm not friend od spider lashes so i really like the result, i guess you can always add more coats and make yor lashes giaaaants!

  The result is beautiful and still natural <3 So i just wanted to share my joy hehhe
Remember they have FREE SHIPPING and the discount code: RSSG10

Hope you have a fantastic day as always!
See you next time