Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Long Red Wig!! Cool Rings and Space Cats

A few days ago i posted on my facebook and instagram some pics of my new red wig! And some people have been asking about it, so here are more pics and all the details about the wig, and also some other goodies i bought in the page.
 instagram filter
So as you may know Born Pretty Store is a web page full of cool makeup things, hair and nail accesories, jewerly, home stuff, clothes, cellphone accesories and more.
They have WORLD WIDE FREE SHIPPING! This is the best part, and that's why i love this site.
Ok actually the best part are the prices, like a bunch of stuff under 0,99$ like whaaat!! Check it out 

So yes, this is the red wig. I was surprised because in the web pic it doesn't look like with all that hair, i mean the wig has more hair than me :D which is amazing obviously.
without flash

The hair is curly and thick. color number 4

 I like to style my wigs so i cut the bangs in a Pin up/Bettie Page style.

With the camera flash it looks more shiny but as you can see in a natural light it looks pretty natural. Of course the wig is made with synthetic hair.

In this ones you can see the wig is pretty long

The wig is $27,33 but you can use a  10% discount code 2RG10

Ok so also I bought these cool awesome rad rings!

set of 5 rings
 Only $1,98!!!! for 5 rings
They have it in gold and silver, and the sizes 18-19mm like a size large

This one is a claw ring. I really like this one, i think it's pretty original and like it's adjustable would fit any finger. $0.99
Claw ring
 And this one is my fav. Angel wing ring
This screams Rocknroll!!!
Only $2.20

So yes, i have chubby finger hehe but i think these rings rock!!!

And last but not least!!! My two lovely Iphone cases :D Im in love with these space cats, and i think this is a great purchase, considering these kind of cases are much much expensive in the regular market.

And Laser eyes cat $0,99

so yes, that's all
Sorry for the super long blabla hehehehe
Remember the 10% discount code 2RG10

Thanks for your time!!

Have a great day <3

Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to look Ulzzang

Hi there gorgeous!!

I did this look like 2 weeks ago but i thought i have to update this blog more often, so why not? here's a tutorial of how to do that cute and more cuteeee ullzang/dolly face that it's really popular right now.

Venus angelic twin hahahha
(wig from: Bornprettystore 10%discount: 2RG10)
The key of this look is to accentuate the tear bags under your eyes, the big circle lenses and the small lips. Of course you have to take the pics from a different angle (like putting your camera way up high so your face looks bigger and your chin smaller) ooh and the cute/silly faces (◑‿◐)
(wig from: Bornprettystore 10% discount: 2RG10)
here's another twist of the look, with dark hair and a cute spiky hat

and i recorded a crappy tutorial, so you can see how i did it :D

Remember who is behind that innocent face hahaha the crazy drag queen at heart, Divine lover
i mean..me of course haha

full album here: click here

Modern Witch Tutorial


Fall Festival Tutorial

tutorial here

Lit cosmetics smokey glittery tutorial

Lit cosmetics abba and magic dragon



Hi there ma friends!
I quick post just to let you know that i have a Youtube channel and some videos, i dont post a lot to be honest because i dont have all the time that i need but like i said i have some tutorials and things like that.
Check it out if you want to :)


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Born Pretty Store nº 2. Gothic necklaces, matte lipstick and eyelashes!!

Hi there pretty ladies!!
Today i want to show you these AMAZING necklaces <3 <3 I really really reallyyyyy wanted something gothic/retro an elegant at the same time. But all the pretty ones that i found were so freaking expensive.
Until i found these gorgeous chokers!! Only $4.76 ( 3 euros) aaaaaand WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING :D :D (plus the 10% discount code: 2RG10)

I got them from BornprettyStore.  They have tons of beautiful stuff, for nails, hair, makeup, jewelry and such <3 Everything is worldwide free shipping! :D So the price you see is what you pay.

The necklaces are #9 and #13.

This is number 9. It's a black velvet choker. With a white pearl in the midle. I like this kinda antique-vintage look <3

 black velvet choker nº 9

Contacts: Dolly Eye in Twilight Red. Lips: Illamasqua in ESP

Contacts: Dolly Eye in Twilight Red. Lips: Illamasqua in ESP

Ugggh Absolutely amazing!!

I'm so happy we finally have each other, my lovely choker...:P

So, yes, and this one is number 13. The pattern is a little bit different than the one in the pic, but i love it even more!!

doing my sassy faceee

The lipstick is soooo awesome  as well <3

I also got this cool long lasting lip liner in number 02. 

This is a really cool color, like a deep reddish brown. 100% matte. Reminds me of the lipstick that the brunette girl (Kat Dennings) from 2 Broke Girls uses all the time. 
So yes, only $1.99 (less than 1 euro!)  Can you say YEAHHH!! Hell Yeahh!!

long lasting lip liner in number 02
As you can see, the lip liner is super matte! I use it for about 5 hours and the color remained intact
zoom it zoom ittttt

The eyelashes that i'm using in the pics are from Bornpretty as well
10 pair for $2,99

They are pretty natural to me, they are size medium so you can wear them at day time without feeling like it's too much. The material is sinthetic but since you only pay $2.99 for 10 pairs it's a great deal!!.

 If you still have trouble using false eyelashes and would like to practice, i think these lashes are ideal for practicing many many times until you get it right :P

contacts: Dolly eye in Twilight red

as you can see they don't look too big :D
So yes! Thanks for your time, ad i hope you liked the review!! 
Remember that i have a 10% discount code that you can use anytime:!! 

By for now!! Muaaacks