Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cats Fiber Velvet Mascara

Hi it's me again! I wanted to show you my new ultra cuteeeeee 
Fiber mascara ($5.65 and free shipping, plus 10% discount: RSSG10)

I got them from BornPretty Store, and it's so cute i can't hehehe

The brush is soft and the pigmentation is very dark, i like this mascara a lot <3 <3

Here you can see my poor eye with minimum tiny eyelashes

And after one coat! Voìla!

I'm not friend od spider lashes so i really like the result, i guess you can always add more coats and make yor lashes giaaaants!

  The result is beautiful and still natural <3 So i just wanted to share my joy hehhe
Remember they have FREE SHIPPING and the discount code: RSSG10

Hope you have a fantastic day as always!
See you next time 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

JOJO 9 colors Palette Review

 Hello again!!! Today's quick post is about this cute palette that i got from BornPretty Store. This time they sponsored me some pretty things and i'll be showing you more in the next posts.

The palette has 9 colors + 3 eyebrow eyeshadows. All eyeshadows are shimmery <3
They have 5 models, mine is number 2, and they are $11.72 each free shipping. (plus 10% discount code RSSG10 )

The colors are white, light pink, pink, black, purple, light purple, sky blue, gold and brown. They are soft and very appropiate for a light/elegant and sutil makeup.

I tried all colors as you can see in the picture
And some close ups

I think it could be great as a gift or just for everyday makeup, also is great for travel or just to carry on the purse, just in case.

So yes I hope you liked the review, thanks for your time and see you next time!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

M.N Me Now Generation II Liquid to Matte Lipsticks

Hi everyone!! Today I'm going to review the famous M.N Me Now Generation II LONG LASTING liquid to matte lipsticks 
They have 36 colors but i only have 11 :P
Most of them are 100% matte, and some have some shimmer like nº 14

As you can see they are very pigmeted and long long lasting

They are similar to the liquid to matte lipsticks that you can find in Lime Crime, Sephora, Sleek etc, but these are way cheaper!

I got mine from Born Pretty Store and they're  $3.55 each
Remember!!!(^,* you can use a 10% discount code in 

Bonpretty Store RSSG10)

They have no scent, and you have to let them dry or it will be sticky. But you can fix that with chapstick or some loose powder.

Now some swatches. I took the pictures with my Iphone and with my Sony camera.

Nº 1: Barbie Pink

Nº2: Neutral Rose

Nº3 Light Salmon

Nº4 Pink

Nº 9 Orangy Red

Nº14: Rosie Gold

Nº18 The Perfect Nude <3

Nº22 Deep Plum

Yes! it's the same color but with a Reflex camera and yellow light

Nº25 Hot Fuccia
(similar to PINK VELVET)

Nº 26 Peach Nude

Nº 33 Blood Red (similar to WICKED and VAMPIRA)

with only one layer

My favorites are nº 18, 22 and 33

nº 18
I use nº 18 pretty much every day at work :P Have You tried them?

Remember!!!(^,* you can use a 10% discount code in 

Bonpretty Store RSSG10)

Thanks for your time!!! Have a beautful day