Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Thursday, February 28, 2013


i wanted to write about the most common questions i receive in my facebook page. 

1. What foundation, concealer do you use?
 I like to use high coverage foundations. for my everyday makeup i use Mac Studio Fix Fluid in NC25
When i want some extra coverage i use Kryolan Tv Paint Stick in W4.

 Kryolan is a "Professional Make-up ispecialized manufacturer of professional make-up serving theater, film, and television "
sometimes i want to do something REALLY dramatic so i "change" completly my skin tone. I use Kryolan supracolors, these are creamy colors with a super pigmented coverage.

(some examples)

2. What brand of hair dye do you use? and how you do it?
I ALWAYS use Manic Panic! is my favorite hair dye, and the only one i'm going to recommend.

I bleach my hair using an ammonia-free lightning. My favorite is Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Bleach Cream, they have 2, but i use the ammonia free one. 
I bleach my hair twice in the same day (but you have to know your hair, mine is thick so i can do it, but i dont recommend that) If you want vibrant colors you need a lighter blonde base. 
If you want a pastel tone you can add 80% of hair conditioner to the mix (80% conditioner, 20% hair dye)
I wait 45-60 min and that's it. :P The color fade away with the washes, and last 4 to 6 weeks.

3. Where are you from?
I was born in Colombia and i live in Madrid, Spain.

4. Did you went to a makeup academy?
No, i'm a psychologist. I learned what i know practicing every morning and watching youtube tutorials :P

5. What are you favorite makeup brands?
Sugarpill, Kryolan, Lit cosmetics, Pop Rox, Mac for foundations and lipsticks, and the super cheap chinese brands (manly, 120 palette, concealer palette, neon palette..etc) take a look http://www.buyincoins.com/new_en/details/pro-28-colors-eyeshadow-eye-shadow-palette-cosmestic-makeup-kit-set-product-21216.html

6. Did you get your Sugarpill eyeshadows for free?
No, i paid everything with my money :D

7. Contact lenses?
I use Solotica lenses in hidrocharme Ice.
i bouth them here: http://www.wrlens.com/products/7-solotica-color-contact-lenses-hidrocharme-ice.aspx

I use other brands, but i have to write a post about that, anyway i have some pics here.:

8. Do you have instragram, youtube tutorials?
yesss http://www.youtube.com/roxannerocknroll and http://instagram.com/roxannerocknroll

10. oh almost forgot! liquid eyeliner?
This one is my favorite, Rimmel London Glam eye Black liquid eyeliner! i love the little brush

well i think that's all...if you have any question, feel free to ask!
Bye for now <3


  1. yayy so coool to know more about what you use and stuff! * ^*
    Thank you for the information <3
    I'll alwayss be your fann hehe!



    1. aww thank you so much! you're super sweet <3

  2. Roxanne , girl keep doing you sexy and sassy . Thanks for inboxing me back on Facebook. I will follow u wherever u go girl. And i must come to Spain. One day to find my husband . Lol . Xoxo Sheen

  3. what do you use on your eyebrows? the red liner? or are they dyed?

  4. Awesome!!! I was just looking to buy a different brand of liquid eyeliner, definitely gonna try that Rimmel. Loving all the tips! Thank you!

  5. Do you have a mailing address we fans can send you items?