Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Star Crushed Minerals Part II

Hi there my friends!
Today i wanted to show you new swatches of these GORGEOUS Star Crushed Minerals eyeshadows, currently one of my favorites products, i use them almost every single day.
You can find these eyeshadows from $2,50 which is pretty amazing.

So yes here are the swatches:

Luna: A super radiant, scintillating, metallic silver
Birthday Cake: Golden vanilla with pink interference and gold sparkles
White Lightning: Pure White Color. Semi opaque. (this is the white of all whites!!)
Olaf: Bright white with silver and gold sparkle a soft orange interference
Punk Princess: Bright White with purple metallic shift (Part of the Autism Awareness Collection)
My favorites: White lightning and Olaf

Olive Pink: Semi opaque shimmery golden olive with soft pink shimmer / undertone.
Celestia: An awe-inspiring, dazzling, luminous metallic gold.
Princess Anna: A true coppery caramel brown with gold and copper glitter to the max!
Super Natural: A peachy gold with loads of sparkle and metallic sheen.
Andromeda: True pink with silver metallic interference
My favorites: Supernatural (neon coral to me) and celestia

Intergalactic Highway: Truest of purples with a shimmery silver metallic interference! 
Magenta Moon: Deep purple red color with gorgeous silver duochrome
Daddy's Girl: Pink magenta with blue metallic shift ( Part of our Autism Awareness Collection)
Fight like a girl: Semi sheer gray/ purple with pink/red color shift and purple sparkle (created for the Breast Cancer Awareness mont )
Cosmic Jellyfish: True lavender with metallic gold interference
Lavender Star: Semi sheer shimmery lavender eye shadow with a soft white undertone.
My favorites: Intergalactic Highway and Cosmic jellyfish

Aquarius: Mint Green with gold metallic interference
How to Marry a Millionaire: Opaque bright green with gold interference and sparkle
Inner Goddess: A golden yellow orange with loads of sparkle and metallic sheen.
Witchy Woman: Bright yellow green with loads of sparkle and metallic sheen.
Lemon Drop Martini: Bright egg yolk yellow with silver shimmer with gold and silver glitter
My favorites: How to marry a millionaire (this color is sooo gorgeous, and witchy woman, it's more glittery than the picture)

Blue Lotus: Duo-chrome. True blue with orange, gold, green undertones. 
Stairway to Heaven: A True sky blue with purple/pink interference.
Solar Coaster Ride: Blue teal with super shimmery gold metallic interference
Happy when Flappy: Turquoise blue with pink metallic shift (Part of the Autism Awareness Collection )
Queen Elsa: A frosty blue with silver metallic interference and loads of sparkle
My favorites: Queen Elsa and Blue Lotus

Deep Cranberry: Semi opaque dark gray base with red & gold shimmer throughout
Ms Monroe: Opaque deep red with purple sparkle and interference 
Falling Star: Deep real red with silver metallic duochrome
Norma Jean: Opaque dark auburn red with gold sparkle
It's My Party: True red with silvery red interference with loads of red and silver sparkles
My favorites: Ms Monroe!!! and Norma Jean (amazing colors <3 in love )

Black: Black Matte
Dark Flow: Blackest black with silver interference 
Zombie Star: Metalized deep purple with great silver interference
My favorites: all hahaha but i love how black is the black!! XD

I've done some looks using these new colors, check them out
used #HowToMarryAMillionaire #Aquarius #Andromeda #IntergalacticHighway and#DarkFlow 

used #HowToMarryAMillionaire #Aquarius #Andromeda #IntergalacticHighway and#DarkFlow  and sugarpill eyeshadows

used Zombie star and Lit cosmetics glitter in Seeing stars

Used #‎WhiteLightning‬ ‪#‎Supernatural‬ ‪#‎InnerGoddess‬ ‪#‎DarkFlow‬ and ‪#‎ZombieStar‬

Used #‎WhiteLightning‬ ‪#‎Supernatural‬ ‪#‎InnerGoddess‬ ‪#‎DarkFlow‬ and ‪#‎ZombieStar‬

So yes, that's it! Hope you liked the review
You can know more about Star Crushed Minerals here:
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Instagram: http://instagram.com/starcrushedminerals
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