Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lime Crime Pink Velvet Dupe!!

Hi everyone!!!

I think i found a LimeCrime Pink velvet dupe!!

It's the Buyincoins/Tmart waterproof lipstick in nº 25.

The buyincoins lipstick is slightly drier and more magenta, the pink velvet is dry as well but more redish. Honestly both feel the same way on my lips, and i like more the magenta tone on the BIC lipstick.
without flash


they're very similar, which is great!

And of course BIC: $1.53 free shipping. LC: $20 plus shipping (tmart $2.37 free shipping)

(sorry for the crappy pic, i wasn't wearing foundation, too excited for that hehe)

Here's the links, they came in more shades, i think i'll buy a nude and a dark red one :P

Tmart waterproof lippie (more shades but more expensive)

By for now!!


  1. Someone on your facebook asked if these were cruelty free. The brand is called Menow, and it's from mainland China, so it probably isn't.
    Have you tried any other Velvetine dupes?

    1. ooooh i did not know that!! I know Pretty Zombie cosmetics sells some pretty cool velvet lippies as well, check it out! :) http://www.prettyzombiecosmetics.com/category/liquid-lipstick

  2. Hi Roxanne!!

    We've been flicking through a lot of pages in order to get a proper dupe for the Lime Crime velvetines and we gotta say... You've made us saving a lot of money.

    We're gonna follow you from now on to see more tips like this one.

    Best regards from Spain :)


    1. oh that's great!! I'm from Spain too, so me alegro muchoooo, tambien hay otras marcas que fabrican labiales muy similares como Pretty Zombie Cosmetics, yo me acabo de comprar los 2 purpuras ;) http://www.prettyzombiecosmetics.com/category/liquid-lipstick