Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Friday, January 3, 2014

Lorac Mint Edition Palette

Hi everyone!! Happy new year!!
Today i'm going to show you the palette that i got yesterday from Amazing Beauty Emporium 
They are a family owned, small bussiness with a GREAT selection o makeup and beauty products like Lime Crime, OPI, Too Faced, Benefit, etc etc etc so be sure to check them out!!

So the palette that i got is the Lorac Mint Edition palette, and let me tell you, it's sooooooo beautiful. Everything in this palette is great, the packaging is adorable, it came in a silver sequin bag with a pink lipgloss that smells like toffee mmmmm

so cute!!

it looks like a clutch <3

i wanna eat youuu mmm

pink lipstick

The palette has 6 eyeshadows (3 matte and 3 shimmery) and one blush

Here are some swatches

matte eyeshadows

shimmery eyeshadows

The colors are soft and pigmented, even for my medium dark skin, and this was the first time i tried this brand. I can say i like it, it's different from what i'm used to, but since i'm a grown up girl now hahaha i need to try more neutral styles i guess... (ok im not that serious...)

Here some full face looks

Taking a nap

Bad light, i look super tanned hehhe

 And this is how the  yummy lipgloss looks like

So yes, this is it, thanks for your time and be sure to check the Amazing Beauty Emporium Amazon website, they have great things that you can't find here in the other side of the world hehehe (i mean Europe and that hehe)

Bye for now!!

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