Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Born Pretty Store nº 2. Gothic necklaces, matte lipstick and eyelashes!!

Hi there pretty ladies!!
Today i want to show you these AMAZING necklaces <3 <3 I really really reallyyyyy wanted something gothic/retro an elegant at the same time. But all the pretty ones that i found were so freaking expensive.
Until i found these gorgeous chokers!! Only $4.76 ( 3 euros) aaaaaand WORLDWIDE FREE SHIPPING :D :D (plus the 10% discount code: 2RG10)

I got them from BornprettyStore.  They have tons of beautiful stuff, for nails, hair, makeup, jewelry and such <3 Everything is worldwide free shipping! :D So the price you see is what you pay.

The necklaces are #9 and #13.

This is number 9. It's a black velvet choker. With a white pearl in the midle. I like this kinda antique-vintage look <3

 black velvet choker nº 9

Contacts: Dolly Eye in Twilight Red. Lips: Illamasqua in ESP

Contacts: Dolly Eye in Twilight Red. Lips: Illamasqua in ESP

Ugggh Absolutely amazing!!

I'm so happy we finally have each other, my lovely choker...:P

So, yes, and this one is number 13. The pattern is a little bit different than the one in the pic, but i love it even more!!

doing my sassy faceee

The lipstick is soooo awesome  as well <3

I also got this cool long lasting lip liner in number 02. 

This is a really cool color, like a deep reddish brown. 100% matte. Reminds me of the lipstick that the brunette girl (Kat Dennings) from 2 Broke Girls uses all the time. 
So yes, only $1.99 (less than 1 euro!)  Can you say YEAHHH!! Hell Yeahh!!

long lasting lip liner in number 02
As you can see, the lip liner is super matte! I use it for about 5 hours and the color remained intact
zoom it zoom ittttt

The eyelashes that i'm using in the pics are from Bornpretty as well
10 pair for $2,99

They are pretty natural to me, they are size medium so you can wear them at day time without feeling like it's too much. The material is sinthetic but since you only pay $2.99 for 10 pairs it's a great deal!!.

 If you still have trouble using false eyelashes and would like to practice, i think these lashes are ideal for practicing many many times until you get it right :P

contacts: Dolly eye in Twilight red

as you can see they don't look too big :D
So yes! Thanks for your time, ad i hope you liked the review!! 
Remember that i have a 10% discount code that you can use anytime:!! 

By for now!! Muaaacks


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