Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Hi! I'm Roxanne, and i have a Drag queen living inside of me

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Long Red Wig!! Cool Rings and Space Cats

A few days ago i posted on my facebook and instagram some pics of my new red wig! And some people have been asking about it, so here are more pics and all the details about the wig, and also some other goodies i bought in the page.
 instagram filter
So as you may know Born Pretty Store is a web page full of cool makeup things, hair and nail accesories, jewerly, home stuff, clothes, cellphone accesories and more.
They have WORLD WIDE FREE SHIPPING! This is the best part, and that's why i love this site.
Ok actually the best part are the prices, like a bunch of stuff under 0,99$ like whaaat!! Check it out 

So yes, this is the red wig. I was surprised because in the web pic it doesn't look like with all that hair, i mean the wig has more hair than me :D which is amazing obviously.
without flash

The hair is curly and thick. color number 4

 I like to style my wigs so i cut the bangs in a Pin up/Bettie Page style.

With the camera flash it looks more shiny but as you can see in a natural light it looks pretty natural. Of course the wig is made with synthetic hair.

In this ones you can see the wig is pretty long

The wig is $27,33 but you can use a  10% discount code 2RG10

Ok so also I bought these cool awesome rad rings!

set of 5 rings
 Only $1,98!!!! for 5 rings
They have it in gold and silver, and the sizes 18-19mm like a size large

This one is a claw ring. I really like this one, i think it's pretty original and like it's adjustable would fit any finger. $0.99
Claw ring
 And this one is my fav. Angel wing ring
This screams Rocknroll!!!
Only $2.20

So yes, i have chubby finger hehe but i think these rings rock!!!

And last but not least!!! My two lovely Iphone cases :D Im in love with these space cats, and i think this is a great purchase, considering these kind of cases are much much expensive in the regular market.

And Laser eyes cat $0,99

so yes, that's all
Sorry for the super long blabla hehehehe
Remember the 10% discount code 2RG10

Thanks for your time!!

Have a great day <3

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